SPECIAL DELIVERIES - Photos and comments from some of our satisfied customers.....
Mari, I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the great delivery you all did with getting everything organized and situated so My Hearts Desire was delivered safe and sound. He looked great when he got here (little scratch on his left shoulder...could of been from loading him). He looked like he was in good health, hadn't lost too much weight, and fairly relaxed considering that he had been traveling for 3 days. I really expected him to look a little rough by the time I got him but Bill must have done an excellent job with him. He really looked great, and in good health. I really expected by the way Bill talked that I would have a wild crazy colt on my hands when first unloaded and he really was reasonably calm, which was wonderful. It made the receiving of him that much more enjoyable. I'm including a picture of My Hearts Desire, my son Koda, and myself. If you feel like posting this picture on your website of proof of a very content customer...please feel free to do so.Once again....Thank you for all the great work you andyour husband did in getting My Hearts Desire here.
Muchas Gracias
Dalena & Koda Muise - August 2001
28-inch TIRNANOG (Brown Wooly Kid),
MOXI (JRT) and Pam in Freeville, NY
March 2001
This is Goldie, my nine year old Half American Curly/Belgian mare who was hauled from Florida to Ohio by the Worley's. She arrived in wonderful shape with her calm and mellow temperment intact. I truly appreciate the great care that she received on her trip!
Thank you!
Nancy Allen and Goldie.
September 2001
Thank you so much for hauling our boy, Colonel! He is in great shape and acts as if he wasn't even hauled anywhere. Thanks for being so easy to reach both via phone and e-mail. We will be using you in the future, if we have to! Take care and Safe Hauling!
Eric and Shelby Walker
Ever Simple Farms - Milner, GA
The foal on the left is a paint/belgian cross PMU filly adopted by Alex Herbert of Montara, CA. Her buddy on the right is a Morgan/Belgian cross PMU filly adopted by Ann Farris.
Condado, a Paso Fino, was transported from Arizona to Wisconsin for Andrew Klingbeil.
February 2001
MarBil Snickers was delivered in the trailer during a trip in February 2001. She is shown her with her dam.
McCurdy's Prairie Fox ~ hauled by Bill Worley as a weanling. Fox received excellent care and attention on his first trip, OR to NE. Bill and Mari have hauled several horses for me and do an outstanding job. I value their care and expertise. My vet uses them as well for his broodmares and in fact, they even delivered a foal on route for him - a difficult delivery, too, I might add, and he credits them with a live, healthy filly now named after Mari! These are not just haulers, they are horse people. Karen Johnson ~ Gering, NE

Bill did a wonderful job hauling 10 month old SlewLeo (APHA) from Neosho MO to Buellton CA earlier this year. 1700+ miles for this 10 month old baby. Slewleo is doing great as you can see in this picture I received today from his owner in CA. Thanks Bill & Mari for taking the time necessary to make "Charley" safe and comfortable on his journey.
Kathy Wright  WrightHorse.com
August 2001
Bill & Mari Worley with LM Hawks Outlaw King, the black pinto colt, which went to Debbie Burr of Phoenix,AZ ~ Olneys Flashdancer, red pinto colt, went to Amanda Bares of Belgium, WI. ~ The seller was Janet King of Limestone Miniatures, Mays Lick, KY.
"Thanks to Worleys Hauling and their great care of our Chincoteague pony, Clover. We see smiling faces on Paige, Payton, Grant and most importantly, on my wife's face!" David Parker-Los Angeles
Sep.2001 ~ TEX ~ "Tex is the first horse I have ever owned and Bill brought him to me from Applegate, Michigan on September 9th, 2001. Thank you for getting him to me safe and sound. If I ever decide to get another horse you will be the first shippers I contact. If anyone ever wants a recommendation, please have them contact me. You two are super!"
Pamela Linder (and Tex)
Oct.2001 ~ "There are no words to describe the feeling you get when your dream finally comes true. I purchased this filly 3 months ago & have been corresponding with the owner, Janet Johns, and with Mari Worley. I was so anxious to have her here, safe and sound. When they picked her up ahead of schedule, Janet had only put Haylee in the trailer one time. Mari & Bill made all of my worries melt away when I saw how well she had been taken care of. She just hopped right off the trailer. I am very grateful to them for bringing my baby home. Dana Boudreaux, New Iberia, LA"
Heather Parker of El Cajon, CA with her new Belgian PMU colt and "Prince" her older Belgian
Kiki Ebsen of Agoura Hills, CA getting to know her new blue roan quarterhorse PMU filly.
Karen Kamfolt of Morgan Hill, CA adopted this little Welsh/Quarterhorse cross PMU foal.
NOV. 2001 ~ Tinker & Coco in their winter woolies on their new Wisconsin digs after being transported from New Jersey by Worley's Hauling. The proud new owner is Jim Laurent.
DEC. 2001 ~ ROYAL BLUE SKIP, a.k.a. Fannie, says HELLO from her new home in Buckfield, Maine after her trip from Neosho MO with the Worleys.
DEC. 2001 ~ Hi, Mari -- Sorry I'm so pokey ....here is a picture of the little girl you all brought up....she has grown a bit, huh?! She's still gonna be a small girl....@ 28.5" now as a full yearling. I got my weanling colt here a couple days ago, or I would have been ringing you up! :o) Thanks -- hopefully we'll see you again one of these days.......if you happen to find a great palomino pinto filly somewhere along the road that needs a home!! :o) LOL!! Thanks, Mari! -- Thelma Puckett ~ Painted Sky Ranch ~ Hydesville, CA ~  06/17/02
JAN. 2002 ~ RICO - "I finally have some photos of the two Andalusian/Arabians that Bill and Mari hauled for me back in January. "Rico" is my (then) 7 month old gelding and the one in the next picture is my (then) 9 month old filly named Sarita Angelia......"
JAN. 2002 ~ SARITA ANGELIA - ".....Bill did a wonderful job hauling them both - they arrived without a scratch on them. Apparently they were active in the trailer that night and were so loud that they kept Bill awake all night long. I sure felt sorry for Bill - poor fellow. I figured he would be really tired when he arrived, but he was really cheerful." ~ Heather Hook 5-13-02 - Severna Park, MD
JAN. 2002 ~ "Here's a cute pic of Pooter taken the day after he got here ! ~ Same horse next day shaved head." - Tia Trueb - Indianola, WA
Jan.2002 ~ Cheryle King and her guidehorse, Rosie. ~ Rosie was transported from the GuideHorse School in North Carolina to Cheryle in Gig Harbor, Washington by Worley's Hauling in late January 2002.
FEB. 2002 ~ "Boomer", 5 y.o. 27" tricolor mini stallion, hauled from WA to NE by the Worley's. Arrived in excellent spirits - healthy and calm. Another good haul, thanks, guys!!!! Here he is with dogpacks getting the mail."
APR. 2002 ~ I don't know if you guys ever get updated pics of the horses you delivered, but if not, I'll be the first. In another month she'll be a yearling and growing fast. Enjoy. Dana Boudreaux
APR. 2002 ~ "Worley's Hauling brought me my new mare, and got her here safe and sound. Communication was great! If I ever need another horse transported I will be calling Bill and Mari. Thanks so much Bill and Mari, I couldn't be happier with my new girl Six Gems Pretty Woman. She came in wonderful shape and spirits!" ~ Sheri Hill ~ Molalla, Oregon
FEB. 2002 ~ " This horse is actually 16.2 hands! Delivered by the giants of the horse transportation business: Worley's Hauling!" Here's the shot we took the night you arrived with Dot! I was happy that we actually got something. :-) Dot is doing really well. We've been awaiting the foal very impatiently. At any rate, the kids love her, and she is great with them. She's been a real joy for them to ride - a good babysitter, but far from a plug! Thanks for bringing her out to us! Sincerely, Kerry, Hayley & Tyler Ferguson - Tracy, CA
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