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CAPPY & CHIEF ~ Thank you So much for bringing me Flying A's Captive Heart safely. Cappy arrived healthy, happy and relaxed, as if he rode on a trailer every day. It was a pleasure working with you all! I'd recommend you to anyone who needs an animal transported! Here is a photo of Cappy (left) and his new friend, Milner's Chief Little Foot.
Sincerely, Lori
OLIVER ~ "This is Oliver, a Haflinger gelding transported from cold Nebraska to warm California. I took the picture shortly after he arrived prior to loosing that winter coat and getting a little fatter
:-( ....." Marilee Brehm Spring 2004
DEE and COURTNEY ~ Dee, a paint mare, was transported to, Courtney her new owner, from Minnesota to Ohio in March, 2004
COWBOY ~ We would like to thank Mari and Bill for braving storms, tornados and otherwise horrible weather to bring Cowboy to California. He is wonderful and we are so happy we got him here.
Thanks again Mari and Bill!
April 2004
WFF PANSY ~ Thanks again Mari and Bill, you're a great team. A special thanks to Bill who made a very late night delivery so Pansy wouldn't have to spend another night on the road.
Fay Palmer - Arlington, WA.
TEAGUER ~ This is Teaguer, a Chincoteague pony delivered by the Worleys from Virginia to Applegate, Oregon. Little did Mari know when she took this picture of Teaguer at Pony Penning in July that she and her husband, Bill, would be bringing him to Oregon in October (2003)! We cannot say enough about the wonderful care and attention the Worleys gave to Teaguer on his long journey. They are so informed on the different laws each state requires in regards to the transportation of animals. The Worleys kept in constant contact with us as they moved across the country. It doesn't take long to see that they really care about their "precious passengers"! We recommend the Worleys to anyone who needs their animals transported. Thank you again, Bill and Mari!
Murray and Judy Crowe, Applegate, Oregon murjudy@msn.com
Here is an updated photo of Teaguer who is now a yearling. He has made wonderful progress with a lot of time, patience, and the help of a wonderful trainer who works with Teaguer and me once a week. He is very loved. Judy Crowe (Sept. 2004)
Oct.2004 ~ PARTY GIRL ~ Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did in transporting my "Party Girl" last year. She got high points in four classes showing her this year. It was great to know that she was so well cared for on her long trip across the country. Here's a picture of her with one of her blue ribbons. Barbara McClanahan
Ramona, CA
Nov.2004 ~ POSH'S SATIN SLIPPER aka "Ceilidh ~ Thanks for the care, experience, and just making my filly's first time in a trailer and away from home on what I worried would be five stressfull days. Ceilidh arrived fresh and calm and is already happy at her new home. --- Thanks Matt and Bheki Mealey --- Welsh/Morgan cross filly was just delivered November 7, 2004 and traveled from Aranaway Farms in Grants Pass, OR to Marshall, VA.
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SHAMROCK and THE GANG ~ The Worley's get an A+ for their communication before and during the trip from N. Carolina to the Texas Hill Country. It is not often you find integrity and value together. Thanks for getting our show girl here safely!
Thanks from the Lazy R Ranch Crew ~ The entire crew says thank you for a swift and successful move! You guys did a terrific job. Everyone arrived calm and eager to explore their new homes. They must think they have died and gone to heaven. They went from outside 5x8 mini sized stalls with dirt floors to a huge center aisle barn with 12x12 stalls and rubber mats. :) I never heard such a ruckus as when they got into their new stalls and had to call to one another to discuss the new digs. ~ Thanks to both you and Bill. It has been a pleasure to work with both of you on this move. ~ Lori Roets
Apr. 2005 ~ MADDY ~ Thank you for the delivery and the care and well being of our new donkey. She is so sweet and lovable and will be well cared for here at our ranch now. See attached picture from the first morning we could really get a look at her, with the two other donkeys in the background. Thank you again. It was great meeting your husband.
June 2005 ~ Dave and MADDY ~ Just looked again at your web site and saw the picture from the first day with Maddy. Thought I would send you an update. She is a real blessing and a wonderfully smart donkey. My best pal. So patient and good about having care and is really looking great. See attached Picture. Thank you again for this blessed delivery.
David W. Smith Gilroy, CA.
June 2005 ~ JACKIE ~ Dear Mari and Bill ~ I wanted to thank you both for brining my mare Jackie from Oh New Vocations TB Adoption Agency to my home in Chicago. Jackie is a special girl. She was rescued and I adopted her. I was very worried I could not get her to Chicago on time since I only had 7 days to bring her home and after calling 20 different horse transportation companies no one was able to bring Jack for me until middle of July, which was already way pass 7 days. I was at the point where I was going to just drive myself and get her but since I have never driven so far with a horse I was afraid to do it. One of my friends recommended for me to join Yahoo group and that’s where I found you guys. I was very impressed with your service and really appreciated you picking up Jackie as soon as the next day from my call. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this and not only did you guys save me a trip but you also saved me a worry coming home with a new horse without experience of doing such a long drive. Bill brought Jackie in great condition she looked pretty happy being home and I really appreciate that Bill was able to bring her sooner than expected. He drove straight through over night just to bring Jackie home to me before it got too hot. I am so thankful to both of you guys. Mari has updated me several times a day with updates on Jackie travel and I have to say I was in peace knowing that my horse is going to arrive home safe and sound. If anyone needs reference please don’t hesitate to give them my email address I would be glad to give you references. Thank You So Much to Bill for driving and Mari for giving such a wonderful customer service with her updates and just making me feel comfortable with my mare transport. ~ Regina & Jackie
July 2005 ~ BINGO ~ Mari and Bill Thank you so much for the excellent job you do in hauling horses, Starchief Appy Dans Blanket Bingo arrived here in Pennsylvania from Arizona in perfect condition! I wouldn't have anyone else do my hauling, you make a great team! I appreciate the way you keep in contact, keeping me informed on when Bingo would be picked up, how he was traveling and when he would be arriving. That's not something you get from all haulers! It's always a pleasure to visit with you as well.
Thanks again! Kim L
Crayonbox Miniature Horses American/Falabella Blend Appaloosa Minis 
July 2005 ~ PATRICK ~ Mari and Bill, Thank you so much for the safe delivery of Patrick. You were there to keep my mind at ease on Patrick’s first journey in a horse trailer. He is doing great. I would recommend your services to anyone, and will call you in the future for other shipping needs. Thanks again for the personalized service….and many phone calls to let me know how well he was doing in transit.” Transported July, 2005 Oklahoma to Ohio
Melissa A. Legan     Cleveland, Ohio
Sept.2005 ~ SQUITER ~ I am 110% satisfied with the service of Mari and Bill Worley of Worley's Hauling. My little stallion, Squiter, had a long trip and every effort was made for his comfort. I was updated regularly and emails were returned promptly. I found the shipping cost extremely reasonable. He hopped off the trailer all clean, calm and looking good! I'd definately use Worley's again!
Tammie Cappuccio C Spots Miniature Horses
Sept.2005 ~ RUSTY & DOLLY ~ Another special delivery of Personal Ponies! You did a great job! With all the weather, you made it happen!
Thanks, Mari, and Bill
The Scanlan family
Sept.2005 ~ BONNIE ~ Thanks from Spirit Hill Farm Miniature Donkeys in Western Kentucky. You guys do an excellent job. Bonnie arrived safe and sound to us and she is quickly becoming a part of our family. She is full of personality as you said Bill. Thanks so much for going above and beyond the call of duty. I understand that you had a cancellation of horses that you would have been hauling on our run and you went ahead and hauled our sweet little Bonnie all by herself (several hundred miles). We will recommend you to everyone asking about transport. Thank you also for keeping in such close contact with us before and during the haul.        Donna
Sept.2005 ~ LEE LEE'S LITTLE MAN ~ Just returned from Alaska yesterday to find my beautiful horse safe at home. He is so wonderful. A complete dream. So well behaved and happy. He gives the best loving ever. He had a bath today and a very needed grooming session. He looks so handsome. PLEASE tell Bill how much I appreciate him bringing our horse to us. We just couldn't be happier. He truly is a giant gentleman. Though he is much bigger then they told us, MUCH BIGGER, as I know Bill found out. Not sure just how big yet, but we will measure him soon. But I can tell you this, he's just a pinch over the 15.3 to 16.0 they told me, lol. We are taking bets, most people are actually betting he is 18.hh, and I heard he rode shotgun with a load of mini's.
Thank you both again from the bottom of our hearts.
Laura Lee
Oct.2005 ~ TEAGUER CROW ~ Hello, Friends! It is approaching the two year mark when you brought Teaguer to us. We still cherish that special time. Teaguer is doing great. We are still doing ground work with him in preparation for pulling a cart. This summer our trainer "broke" him for riding and Allison, our granddaughter, rode him about four times, with Murray right beside, holding the lead rope. He did wonderfully. He does not mind all the gear that is put on him. He is a wonderful "soul", yet does have his moments!!! He trusts us and that has been the key to everything with us. We do love him dearly and would not have missed this experience for anything! We will be remembering you next Tuesday, the two year anniversary of you loading him up in Chincoteague for the journey to Oregon.
We do think of you often and hope all is well with you.
Judy Crowe - October 5, 2005
Oct.2005 ~ Woodstock North's Who's Appy Now
Thanks to Worley's Hauling, Woodstock North's Who's Appy Now was transported from Woodstock North Miniatures in Minnesota to KpM Honeypony Miniatures in California in July, 2004. Pictures are of his arrival in California to his show wins!
Karen Malcor-Chapman
Nov.2005 ~ PMU Filly ~ Just want to thank you for hauling my filly, She is doing great and is very friendly.
Nov.2005 ~ PECOS ~ Pecos arrived in great condition for such a long trip from Idaho to Georgia. Thank you for taking such good care of him. Your attention to him was very evident as he arrived very clean, healthy and feeling great. I have used Worley's twice now for transportation and I will certainly call you for my future transports. I never worried about him on the trip as I know you are trustworthy and very concerned for the welfare of the horses. Such a relief to find such wonderful people to do business with. Thank you for going above and beyond to deliver Pecos to us as soon as possible. May God travel with you and keep you safe.
~ Sara
Oct. 2005 ~ CHRISSY ~ "Thanks for shipping Chrissy safely, at such a reasonable price, and for being so nice. I would refer your company to anyone that needs shipping for their horses!
Happy Holidays! ~ Gillian Levy