Coast-to-Coast Horse Transportation
(and other Equines & Exotic Animals)
Owned & operated by Bill & Mari Worley

Worley’s Hauling is based in Corsicana, TX. We are a family owned business specializing in "special needs horses" including foals, weanlings and yearlings as well as other horses with special needs due to age, diet, blindness or crippled limbs.   We are also set up to transport donkeys, ponies and miniature horses as well as full-sized horses, llamas, alpacas, ostriches and other exotic animals.   We transport throughout the United States taking care of every horse we transport as if it were our own.   Your horse's health and safety is our number one priority!

Worley’s Hauling offers military, multiple horse and rescue horse discounts.

We also transport domestic pets, dogs, cats, birds, even plants !

For more information about our rates & availability to transport your horse(s) please contact us by telephone or e-mail, or use the
TRIP QUOTE FORM, and you will receive a prompt reply.

MOBILE - 606-524-HAUL
FAX - 775-703-0485
3610 NE County Road 91
Corsicana, TX  75109
DOT #2515077 MC #872574
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